Go From Feeling Hopeless & Out Of Control About Your Body & Overall Fitness...


Taking Back your Power and Finally... Prioritizing Yourself, Your Health & Overall Wellbeing.


  • Going to a gym or being a “gym person”
  • Success or consistency in the past
  • Doing workouts you can’t stand

Never Feel Defeated or Resigned to the Fact that Your Age or Stage of Life Won’t Allow You To

Transform Your Body & Take Control of Your Life with our Fit 4 Change Course.

What & When is Fit 4 Change?

  • Fit 4 Change is a 6-week online course (beginning 1/13/21) created to get you & your body from where you are today to where you want to be.
  • With Fit 4 Change, in just 6 short weeks, you can make huge strides towards upgrading your health & fitness.
  • Whether your goal is to tone & strengthen your physique, tighten your core, lose weight, increase your energy, feel better about yourself, or all of the above, Fit 4 Change could be exactly what you need to jumpstart the new year & the new you!

"Our Fit 4 Change course will give you the ENERGY you need to live life on your terms AND the CONFIDENCE to know you're worth it."

Transforming your body through fitness is not only exciting & empowering, but it is also a proactive way to prioritize your health! 

It can be scary to make yourself a priority & to commit to something new, especially something as important as your health & fitness. This is normal and understandable.

It's time to stop beating yourself up about your body.

Standing up for yourself and what you value most takes courage & definitive action.

AND you deserve that. It’s time to show up for yourself. No one else can.

If you feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING to get into shape and be consistent with your workout routine...only to be disappointed with the results and feel like you’ve failed, you are not alone.

Everyone has moments of failure. In fact, that's how we learn.

It’s time to forgive yourself and move on. It’s time to recommit to yourself & your overall wellbeing. You CAN do this!

This time will be different with Fit 4 Change, because you will have:

  • A plan
  • Guidance & Direction
  • Support & Community
  • Resources
  • Accountability
  • FUN, yes - it will be fun!


This Time You Will CRUSH It.

You may wonder if it’s possible to get the same results with an online course as you would with an in-person course or a personal trainer.

The answer is absolutely, YES!

Online courses save time and money, and (if done right), educate in a simple, straightforward and organized way. Plus, you have the material to use and reference for years to come.

That's how I created Fit 4 Change!

A personal trainer with my experience charges $100+ a session. Plus, there are schedules to work around.

Online classes are ready when you are and are available at a fraction of the cost!

Fit 4 Change was designed to give you everything you’d get from an in-person personal trainer PLUS:

Weekly LIVE Zoom calls that provide education, direction, motivation, Q&A & cover subjects such as:

  • How to create consistency, energy & internal motivation for a successful workout program
  • How to get unstuck & the power of mindset
  • Working out today, tomorrow and for a lifetime
  • How to CHANGE your body: Lose fat & inches, gain muscle
  • Habit creation, no more indecision
  • Fundamentals of healthy eating & why most diets don't work
  • The solution to fitting fitness into YOUR life

Also included:

  • 6 weeks of workouts with videos designed to rev up your metabolism and ensure maximal results.
  • Weekly nutrition/exercise challenges to keep you engaged, energized and excited to make incremental, yet meaningful, changes.
  • Membership to our LTG Fit 4 Change exclusive Facebook group for support, community and dedicated content.

All for just $297

Class begins 1/13/21

The only thing stopping you from living the life you’ve always dreamed and building the body you’ve always wanted is an uncomplicated, sustainable plan that empowers, motivates and fosters consistency over a lifetime.

The time is now...get unstuck. Be happier in your body & in your life. Health & Fitness is truly the answer.

All of this is possible (even probable) while building the body you’ve always wanted. You’ll create momentum from your success that propels you to continue to crush your goals & conquer your fears. And, you’ll finally have the energy to do it!


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Here’s what is included in our Fit 4 Change course:

Weekly Class

  • Cuts through the confusion over fitness & nutrition.
  • Delivery of relevant information impactful for your fitness transformation.
  • Q&A - get the details YOU need to be successful.

Weekly Challenge

Simplistic fitness & nutrition challenges used to breakdown larger-overarching goals. Designed to help you stretch & reach, while enjoying the ride.

Weekly Workouts

Workouts designed with time-tested exercises proven to net results. Sent weekly in a PDF with videos that clarify form & modification options. Use now & use later. These workouts are timeless.

Exclusive Facebook group

  • Support from like-minded people.
  • Accountability from your peers for challenges, workouts & nutrition.
  • Access to ask questions anytime.

Bonuses for course starting 1/13:

  • Workout from Home Starter Checklist - Check each box & have a solid workout from home plan, no gym required
  • Fitness Starter Guide - Track your progress from where you are to where you want to be
  • At-home Workout Equipment Made Simple - Create an at-home gym for under $100
  • Healthy, Simple & Filling Foods - Simple reference for snacks & meals at home or on the go
  • How-To: Habit Creation Cheat Sheet- Creating healthy habits makes everything that's important...easier

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why now?

I've heard it said, "The best time to start was yesterday. The next best time is NOW."

Because this is the official launch of Fit 4 Change there are additional benefits:

  • LIVE weekly lessons that are recorded & sent to those who cannot make it live.
  • Limited # of spots so that I can more readily customize the content to the participants in the course.
  • Reduced pricing of 30%.
  • Perfect time to try working out from home with gyms around the world closing, limiting hours or requiring reservations.

How can I fit this into my busy schedule?

How can you not? Is it reasonable to put off your health & fitness any longer?

Fit 4 Change was developed with the busiest folks in mind, to optimize time & maximize results.

There is built-in flexibility with an online course. If attending the LIVE lessons is not possible, the Zoom recordings are yours to keep and watch whenever or wherever your schedule allows. 

All workouts were developed to do with bodyweight (no equipment required) or basic dumbbells.

I’ve attempted many fitness programs in my lifetime with little to no success. What makes this any different?

Chin-up! All you need to bring is determination & dedication to get it right this time! Fit 4 Change gives you all the resources you need for success.

The reason most fitness programs fail is because people don’t have a plan. They go out too fast too soon and they either injure themselves or run out of steam.

With a plan, weekly lessons & workouts, support and accountability. You will have all the resources required for success. The rest is up to you, and you CAN do this.

I don’t have a lot of energy and low motivation when it comes to implementing a workout routine. Can I be successful with this course?

You can ABSOLUTELY be successful with Fit 4 Change, even if you've been inconsistent or lacked energy & motivation in the past.

  • It is often believed that exercise is energy taking. That’s false. Instead, exercise is energy giving.
  • Motivation often comes once success is achieved, and Fit 4 Change will provide weekly opportunities for small wins that fuel motivation, dedication & routine.
  • Consistent exercise brings better quality sleep, which helps with energy.
  • Exercise is famous for increasing endorphin levels, naturally lifting our mood, which can result in increased energy & motivation.

In terms of motivation, Fit 4 Change will help you get started. What’s truly needed when you start something new is discipline. We will discuss discipline and how to wield it for your benefit. Once you see & feel progress, that will naturally provide you with motivation to continue. Once a habit is created, everything becomes easier and exercise just becomes something you do. It becomes part of you.

What do I need to "bring" to be successful in this course?

All you need to be successful in Fit 4 Change is a strong desire for change, a can-do attitude AND to show-up for yourself in our classes & workouts.

The only equipment you will need for our weekly workouts is dumbbells. In your welcome email you'll receive detailed instructions on how to choose the right dumbbells for you. Don't worry, we won't use dumbbells until the 2nd week of class.

Am I guaranteed results?

Only you can guarantee your results. However, if the program is closely followed, from an exercise and nutrition standpoint, results will follow, ones that you can see & feel. Results can look different for each person but range from weight loss, fat loss, toning & strengthening, muscle gain, quality sleep, improved mood, increased energy, more confidence, better relationships with yourself & others and so much more.

I am ready to join Fit 4 Change, now what?

Congratulations! I am super excited for you! Signing-up for Fit 4 Change is your first step towards your fitness transformation! WOOT!

After signing-up, expect an email from with me some details about the course, including an invitation to the Fit 4 Change Facebook group. Be sure to join the Facebook group straight away, as I'll be using that as our communication platform.

The evening before the course starts (1/12), I will be sending the Zoom link & time for the LIVE course.

If you cannot attend one of the classes live, it's not a problem. I will send the weekly class recordings, along with the weekly workouts that will also be housed in the Facebook group.

In the meantime, join my free Facebook group that's open to my entire LTG Tribe, LTG Fitness Insiders. I can't wait to work with you towards your fitness transformation!

Other questions?

Email Erica directly, erica@livethrivegrow.com

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If You’re Tired of Making Excuses for the Way You Look and Feel, STOP!

Fit 4 Change can help you get your health & fitness on track, improve your nutrition and move you towards positive habit creation that can last a lifetime.

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Hello There!

I'M ERICA. It's nice to meet you!

I am a certified personal trainer and fitness transformation expert focusing on weight loss, nutrition and change management.

My experience expands over a decade of helping others reach their fitness transformation goals.

My experience includes running an outdoor bootcamp, teaching group exercise classes, creating a running club, training private clients and serving as the fitness coach for a wellness company.

A few of the goals my clients have achieved over the years include:

  • Re-entry to fitness, establishing a strong baseline and building habits & routines
  • Running their 1st half or full marathon
  • Losing weight, inches & dress sizes
  • Firming, tightening, toning their bodies
  • Managing their stress, increasing their energy & improving their mood
  • Having fun with fitness

My superpower is inspiring other people towards the change they seek.

I don't believe in fads, gimmicks or even shortcuts. I believe in what works, and that's dedication to yourself, health, fitness and overall well being.

The great news is that I've helped dozens of people, just like you, learn to love fitness & the benefits they reap from it, which nets success.

Success drives desire, discipline, routine & habit formation, which is all you need to be consistent, motivated & energetic about your fitness aspirations.

If you're tired of yo-yo dieting & failed fitness attempts, I am your girl. I can help!

I can't wait to help you get unstuck & start LIVING the life you were meant to have! Let's get started!

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Although Erica is a fitness professional, she is not a medical doctor. Always consult with a medical doctor before beginning any workout program.